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Puddle Of Bodily Fluids

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My experience was having sex, then walking to the toilet after and dripping all over the floor and feeling embarrassed. It seems silly but sex can be messy and I don’t want to sleep in a puddle of cum, it’s wet, cold and gross. For some girls, cum can stay inside after sex. For others, it gushes out or it drips for an hour. It’s messy, so keep tissues handy if you don’t feel like lying around in bodily juices. (If you are on the pill and only have one sexual partner with no STDs, this is my situation).

The lesson is that movies are bullshit— its not only all sweet and romantic and cuddly cozy afterwards. It’s good to pee to lessen your chances of getting any urine infections, which is common for some girls. All these seemingly embarrassing moments of sex like queefing and leaking are 100% normal. I had no sex education and was literally scared of sex for years so I feel like we need to talk about the icky stuff more and make it normal.

written: Mar 1 2023

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