‘Learning By (Doing ) It’ is an anonymous, open-ended space that gives room for humane stories, diverse experiences and honest voices on the topic of sex.

In this space, sex is ()

who we are

LBDI came about after the realisation that we, as sexually active individuals, are a treasure box of wisdom and valuable lessons. 

Each story on LBDI details a sexual experience that taught the individual a valuable lesson, and the lesson itself. The story comes to life once it’s visually translated at the hands of an illustrator.

what we strive for

LBDI aims to bring a more humane point of view to the realm of sexual education through the honest and vulnerable voices of others. 

To be human is to be insecure, flawed and raw; qualities we strive to shine a light on and celebrate. By doing so, we hope to diversify our understanding of what sex can be and help people see the similarities we all encompass rather than our differences.

why we do it

Sex is a controversial and ironic topic to say the least; we all practice it one way or another, but carry presumptions, biases and stigma with us, perpetuating the lack of understanding. Our society tells us many things about sex and leaves out the most important: sex is a part of being human and it’s important to know it. To understand sex is to understand ourselves.

On the path to better understand sex, there are many forms of education— actual curriculums, current events, how-to guides and more. However, we completely overlook the best form of learning: trial and error through real-life experiences.

In this space,

Sex Is ().


  • Learning By Doing It is a platform that collects and shares lessons on the topic of sex, with an aim to better the quality of understanding on the topic that affects us all.

  • If you’re an illustrator and would like to collaborate with us in making a story come to life, send an email to We’ll be in contact with you shortly to discuss possibilities of us working together!

  • Nice, we welcome all stories! Just go to the page labelled ‘learning by (sharing )it and you’ll be able to find everything you need.

  • We get you! There’s an option to share your story through text. The option will come up once you start sharing your story in Learning By (Sharing) It.

  • No, it is our priority to keep your anonymity. We are able to do this by sharing your story under an alias name and altering your voice so that it sounds different. If you happen to feel like our changes are not enough, please let us know through and we will be able to help you.

  • Yes they do! We believe stories come to life when told by the person who the stories belong to, as they can convey the emotions and thoughts as they have experienced them.

  • Most of the illustrators who were selected to participate in this project have prior experience working with similar topics to this platform. If you’re an illustrator, this doesn’t mean that you have to have experience working with such topics! At the end of the day, it really comes down to the style of your work. We’re also conscious of working with people from diverse backgrounds, as we believe diversity in culture brings forth the sharing of ideas, experiences and conversations.

  • Yes! When you share your story on Learning By (Sharing) It, you will have the choice to create an account. With an account you will be able to track the behind-the-scenes process. This includes the paring of your story with an illustrator and when to expect the launch of your story on the platform.

  • We definitely won’t say no! Please contact us through As this platform is in its early stages of development, we welcome all fundings to keep up the work for a great cause.

Where To Find Us

Special Thanks

  • concept, design, owner

    Michelle Se Yoon Kee

    This work began as Michelle’s graduation project at Design Academy Eindhoven and has since been re-designed and expanded after graduation with the help of Wonderland.

  • design, mentorship


    Wonderland is a brand and digital design studio based in Amsterdam. For its annual Talent Program, they have selected LBDI to support the project in its re-brand, design, and development. A special thank you to Martijn van der Dose, Joanna Overton, Megan Milosevich and Artur Dias for their valuable time, generousity and guidance throughout the past few months in the project’s re-making.

  • Development

    Jose Morel

    Jose is a talented developer who specialises in creating user experience for the web, with a focus on performance, user interaction and code usability.

  • illustrators

    Aga Giecko
    Anja Slibar
    Derek Abella
    Gica Tam
    Hayley Wall
    Kine Anderson
    Kissi Ussuki
    Margeaus Jane Abeyta
    Marylou Faure
    Mayomi Basnayaka
    Pascale Maurer
    Sarah Cliff
    Sixtine Blandin
    Sona Lee
    Tamara Valencia
    Yadi Liu
    Zena Kay

    A huge thank you to all the initial illustrators who helped visualise the audio stories of Learning By Doing It. Their contribution and support made it possible for the project to visually come alive. 

  • participants

    Anonymous Storytellers

    Learning By Doing It couldn’t have started without the valuable stories of all the anonymous storytellers who found the courage to speak up about their experiences and lessons learned. Thank you for supporting and believing in the value of this project.